Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday v.5

Who can believe that this is the last Friday of February?  I mean I realize that this is the shortest month of the year, but it's really flown by!  Beings that it's Friday, it brings us to another 5 on Friday link up with Natasha, Christina, April and Darci 

Not again?!?!  #imoverwinter
This weekend we were supposed to head to our old stompin' ground for Matt's AGR Founders Day Dinner, but the stinking weather has foiled our plans!  This photo was from our last Founders in 2007.  We were kids I tell ya!
I don't eat Chipolte.  It's true.  I haven't tackled this topic on the blog because I get so angry, nothing sounds right!  Thankfully there are bloggers out there like Emily, Betsie and Crystal (here and here,too!) who put things much more eloquant than I ever could.  Please be open minded and check out what they have to say!

A good friend of mine sent me a link to this article last week and I've been thinking a lot about it.  Like the author said, my twenties have been great and they've taught me a lot too!  And even though everyone list of lessons learned will be different #8, #14 and #24 really hit home.   I also enjoy who Kate described how she will be approaching her thirties...I do have a damn plan: to be too busy defining 30 to let 30 define me.

Technically, I don't need any new workout clothes.  But I couldn't resist the snarkiness of this Nike shirt when I saw it on sale at the store!  

Happy Friday!  Do you have something fun planned for the weekend?  Mine will now consist of cleaning... Ugh, super fun.

Cheers to the weekend!


  1. hmm luckily there isn't a Chipotle anywhere near here so no worries on going there- thanks for sharing that though, I hadn't really read anything about it. If that shirt doesn't kick someones you know what into gear I don't know what will- does it come in pink?? haha Happy weekend!

  2. AGR Founder's Day?! My hubby's was last weekend and we had to miss it too! Bummer! But so cool that we love AGR boys! They're the best! And I totally agree...this weather has GOT. TO. GO!
    Happy Weekend!

    1. You betcha they are! What university did your hubby go to? We both went to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

  3. Bummer the weather is ruining your plans! I'm SO over winter - enough is enough already!

  4. My family is SO not looking forward to the winter blast coming through again. I talked to my grandma earlier today about it & then so kindly told her it's 80 degrees right now...sorry :)

    So sad you can't make it to Carbondale :( I miss that place SO much! My cousin goes to SIU & sends me weekly pictures of 80s night & his outings at Pinch.