Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pure Paradise, Part 2

Thursday was a big big day and is getting a post all to itself!

That morning, Allis had spoken with one of the guys working the front desk and asked for a recommendation for a 'non-touristy' activity where we could soak up some local flavor.  Per his suggested we headed out to La Cueva del Indio which is west of San Juan in Arecibo. 

Long story short, getting to the caves was quite an adventure and quite honestly I could write a post just about the drive.  To sum it up in a few words I'd use: two lane road, rain cloud, detour and U-turn.

Once we finally located Indian Caves, we paid $2 to park the Jeep and got a short history of the property from a gal who seemed to run the show.  Interestingly enough the caves have been used in several movies, one being Treasure Island.  We chose to explore the property by ourselves, but they do offer guided tours.

Our first stop was next to one of The Seven Arches where we unpacked our snacks.  We sat for a while just taking in the breathtaking view!

Gorgeous, huh?

The arches were my favorite part and I could have spent the whole day here just enjoying the view!

After walking the beach and checking out the arches, we made our way to the cave.  To access the cave you have to navigate down carved limestone steps...

And then climb down a wooden ladder to the floor of the cave.

Yes, it's as intimidating in person as it looks in the photo!  Once you safely navigate down the ladder there are lots of old carvings and glyphs etched into the walls of the cave.

After leaving Indian Caves and braving the interstate back to San Juan we were in dire need of sustenance and had one thing on our minds.  Okay, maybe two!

Cervezas. And margaritas. 

Praise the Lord there was a Mexican restaurant just a hop, skip and jump from our hotel.  To clarify, we didn't just drink our dinner!

Following our pit stop for necessities like nachos, quesadillas and adult beverages, we headed out for our nighttime kayaking excursion of the Bioluminescent Bay.  Our van driver was quite the character, but was also very knowledgeable about the Bio Bay.  I didn't realize there are five places in the world where this phenomena happens, three of which are in Puerto Rico.

After arriving at the marina, we had time for a few Coronas with our new friends from the van at the bar across the way.  Because drinking and kayaking at night go hand in hand, right?  Right?

Anyhow, after adequately hydrated we went through a quick safety talk with our guides.  The irony of drinking prior to the safety talk is not lost on me, but when in Rome or Puerto Rico...

Our group paddled through the marina and into a long, narrow channel that was completely covered by the tree canopy before getting to the lagoon.   The lagoon is where the microorganisms are most plentiful and create the best 'glow'.  As you disturb the water with your hands or the paddle the water really does just light up!  Sadly, the moon was very bright that night and diffused almost all the light that was made when we disturbed the water.  Which leads me to believe that all the marketing photos for trips like these are TOTALLY photoshopped because none of the pictures we took came out either...  For anyone looking into taking a trip like this, check the phases of the moon before you pay!

Only one day left in San Juan before we head to the airport and go out separate ways.  Come back for details of our final day...


  1. We're going to be in Puerto Rico in a few weeks, and need one more outing to fill a day when we'll have some down time but need to stay close to San Juan - La Cueva del Indio looks awesome! I've never heard of it before, so I'm very glad I stumbled upon this post. :)

    1. You will have a blast! It's so pretty there! The trip out was pretty interesting to say the least and we totally drove right by the smallish, homemade sign for the Caves, but it was SO worth it! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch about directions, etc.