Monday, February 3, 2014

Ten Favorite Things

I'm not always the best good, okay fine... the truth is, I'm not good at ALL with vocalizing how much I love him and why.  It's not my Love Language.

I love the man dearly, but I tend to not express it in a way he, or anyone else for that matter, understands.  I really need to work on that!

Ten Favorite Things: About My Special Someone.
one:  He mows the lawn!  Okay, I started with an easy one, but I've never once mowed our yard and frankly, I don't ever want to.  On top of mowing he is also in charge of most of the outside duties that home ownership bestows on a couple.  Gutters.  Tree-trimming.  Weeding the garden.  Not the landscaping, that's mine!

two:  Matt is satisfied with the here and now.  I admire his level of contentment with just being.  I'm always striving to 'be better' and 'do more', but Matt finds appreciation in how far we've come not how far we have yet to go!

three:  The guy is tenderhearted.  He LOVES Bella more than words can express.  He snuggles with her, not me, in the recliner every night!  He'd rather watch a funny or dare I say a romantic comedy than most gory movies.  Which is fine by me!

four:  Matt has a very strong work ethic.  I remember being so mad at him for returning calls to customers on our way to the airport for our honeymoon so that he wouldn't be leaving them hanging while we we're gone.  Looking back, he was just putting in a little extra effort and not trying to drive me crazy!

five:  I love his hair, right before he calls his barber for a trim, when it has grown out just past his ears and the ends are starting to curl!  I beg and plead for him to leave it long, but he says it's too "unprofessional".

six:  He is exceedingly tolerant.  He eats all the new recipes that I find on Pinterest without complaint, dresses up every Christmas for our annual party and puts up with my desire to travel even thought he's more of a home-body.  And he just goes with the flow as I try to plan out every adventure, weekend and bathroom break from here to kingdom come! 

seven: Matt is independent and is totally cool with the fact I am too!  Our hobbies often take us in opposite directions and I appreciate him being okay with me not wanting to sit in a duck blind on a cold morning, just like I'm okay with sweating my rear off at a horse show in the middle of August and him being at home to greet me at the end of the day!

eight: The hat tip.  You know when Matt has had a few or a few too many when his baseball hat gets pushed up and farther back on his head.  I don't know when it started, long before I came in the picture.  His buddies even make a game out of being the last one to notice when it's happened!

nine:   He's handy.  I can come up with countless projects and he tries his absolute best to comply with my sketches and ramblings.  We may or may not almost come to blows about the feasibility of what I picture, but he darn sure tries to make it work!

ten:  The guy has backbone.  If you couldn't tell from the level of snark and sass in this post, I can be bossy, opinionated and I tend to think my way is the right way.  Most days he puts up with all I have to dish out, but there are times when he calls me on my BS!  While I might not like it at the time, I couldn't imagine being with a guy who let me walk all over him all the time!!

eleven: Look at me go, I'm on a roll!  Matt is also faithful.  While he is a Believer, I'm not necessarily talking about faith in God here.  Matt is one of the most faithful Chicago Cubs fans I have ever met.  He is always looking forward to 'next year' and hopes to one day see them win a World Series!  I hope for his sake, they do too!

Welp, there it is.  Ten+ reasons why I love my 'special someone'!  It wasn't as hard or painful as I thought it would be to get that out... 

Love you, babe.



  1. Awh!! This is so sweet:) I love your blog!! I can't wait to read more. Thanks for linking up!:)

  2. My husband LOVES and is extremely faithful to the Chicago Cubs AND the Chicago Bears!!
    Eva Marie

  3. Just found your blog through the link-up and am really excited that I did! You and Matt seem like such a great couple! Also loving the Chicago cubs shout out -- I moved to Chicago in September and I'm only a couple blocks from Wrigley Field, so can't wait for spring season to begin! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Aw, this is awesome! Also, super excited to see a reference to "love languages." I read that book recently and it was immensely insightful.

  5. This is so cute! I love you dog!