Monday, February 10, 2014

Back to the Grind

I'm baaack! 

And I'm really trying to get out of my vacation routine of walking up late, sitting on the balcony, watching the waves break in the ocean, taking my sweet time getting motivated to tackle a day in paradise...

Snow drifts and negative temperatures really have a way of slapping the vacation right out of you though!!

I promise to do one of those torturous vacation recap posts with too many pictures and what not this week.  You're familiar with those?  The one where you have to read about how fabulous my trip was... yada yada yada. 

I got back into Chicago Saturday night around 8:30pm, but by the time I got to my car, shoveled all the snow so I could even leave the lot and removed the snow that had accumulated on my car, I finally got on the road towards home.  It was officially Sunday when I pulled in the lane! 

After grabbing the necessities from the car, I was greeted on the porch by one very happy black lab and a sleepy eyed husband. 

Sunday I begrudgingly changed from pajama pants and a sweater to yoga pants and a sweater only because I was hosting this months book club meeting.  Nothing says 'you've got your sheet together' like yoga pants!  Thankfully, we don't meet until mid-afternoon so I had plenty of time to lounge around and still get food prepared for the girls.

And if me gloating about my trip isn't enough to keep you coming back, I'll also be sharing my thoughts about this months book club selection, The Book Thief.



  1. Gotta love those yoga pants! Can't wait for the vacation recap! :)

    1. Sadly, they need to be replaced... I'd never actually wear them to yoga because they are that bad! I noticed today snooping around your blog ;) that you live in Greensboro!?! I worked south of there in Randleman at the Victory Junction Gang Camp after I graduated college. I would have loved to have stayed in the area, but things didn't work out back then. The area (and camp) still hold a special place in my heart! We also have family that live in Chapel Hill, so it's nice to 'meet' someone else with a tie to the area!