Monday, February 17, 2014

Pure Paradise, Part 3

Our time in San Juan is winding down and we spent Friday doing a lot of 'sun worshiping'!

First thing in the morning we first headed down to the beach to do some paddle boarding.  Before turning us loose on the open water, we got a quick lesson and we were good to go!  We spent most of our time exploring the bay because the wind really wreaked havoc when we got into open water.  Luckily, Allis has a water-proof camera and we were able to get some cool pictures of our adventure! 


Of course, Brown Dog got to come along and try his paw at paddle boarding!

After grabbing some brunch, we headed down to relax by the pool.  For the trip I bought Divergent for my Kindle and actually finished it on the plane ride home.  For the record, I really enjoyed it!

Drinks by the pool were delicious too!  Our favorite was the Sapphire Sunshine which was gin with lemonade, a splash of soda and a twist of lime.  We were consuming them too fast to get a photo... 

After losing the sun by the pool, we headed out to the beach to continue our time worshiping the sun, reading and enjoying adult bevvies!

To celebrate our last night in Puerto Rico we headed back down to Old Town.

After eating, we stumbled upon a great little bar we found while looking for a dance club we never made it to!  As it turned out, it was a better spot for us!!  

The bartenders were friendly, the drinks were good and it made for a nice spot to just sit and enjoy our last night.

After successfully cabbing it back to the hotel,  we made an emergency trip to Walgreens for aloe for the sunburn I got laying out that afternoon!  While we were there we couldn't resist also picked up snacks and some champagne so that we could watch the Olympic opening ceremonies in style!!  

Saturday brought the conclusion of this wonderful trip with my amazing friend in Puerto Rico.   As we parted ways, we were already discussing our next trip!!


  1. So wonderfully documented!! Thanks!

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome trip. We are going to the Dominican in May. I can't wait!