Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

As always the weekend flew by too fast for my liking, but what else is new!?!?  Our weekend was pretty low-key and I'm not complaining! 

Friday night: 
We met my sister and some friends at a bar in Champaign to celebrate her birthday.  Originally, we were supposed to meet everyone at 10pm, which was going to be a challenge!  We don't hang with the college crowd much anymore and are usually in bed around then, even on a Friday night!  Matt was incredibly thankful when I clarified with Meg about the details for the evening:

Getting to the bar at 8:15 is much more manageable for us 'old folks'!  The band that was playing, Brushville, actually played at our wedding in 2010 and they are awesome!  They actually have a single, Bar Star, out on country radio right now.  They are local boys, just living the dream!  Pretty cool to say we knew them when...

 Matt went ice fishing early Saturday morning and was up and gone with the sun.  Bella and I slept in.  I did get a Jillian Michaels workout in, with a side of laundry and dishes.  That night we met up with a group of people and went out for supper and to a benefit concert for victims of the tornado's that went through Central Illinois back in November.  It was a great event with 10 different bands playing throughout the day and into the evening.  Since I'm in my last week of Whole30, I was the designated driver and really enjoyed all the antics of those who were drinking!  

Was gloriously lazy!  I woke up and made Matt and I this breakfast pizza.  I made it last week too and am still trying to perfect the 'runny' yolk.  Matt headed out shortly after breakfast to go ice fishing and rabbit hunting with some buddies.  I watched an episode of The Chew that was on the DVR and then headed down to the barn to visit with Louie.  The rest of the afternoon was spent curled up on the couch reading 'The Book Thief', which is our book club selection for next month.  Towards the end of the day I made a pot of chili for supper and get everything ready for Monday night's meal... Stuffed Acorn Squash, yum!

Did you do anything spectacular this weekend or was it more low-key like mine?
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