Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Back on the Wagon #blogtober14

My weekend was a swirling vortex of horse hair, hair spray, sequins, early morning alarms and rhinestones.  And frankly, I'm no where close to being caught up!  I'm DAYS behind on the 31 Day Purge, literally I got through the first day.  #fail  Hoping to catch up tonight, fingers crossed!  I've also eaten the same leftovers for way too many meals!   Also hoping to turn that around tonight.

Although spending two full days at our last horse show was a little rough, it was totally worth it!  Not only did I get to debut my fancy-schmancy new showmanship outfit, but Louie and I got our ROM this weekend!  The ROM is an award distinction given to a horse-rider combo that have accumulated 10 or more points in one event.  From what I learned Saturday, we will eventually get a certificate in the mail recognizing our achievement!!  


Okay, so back to the task at hand... #blogtober14

Today's prompt was Best/Worst Vacation.  I've had some wonderful travel opportunities over the years and I've talked about several of them here on the blog.  I mean Disney was epic, Jersey was fantastic, New York is a whole different world and going out West to see my bestie is always great!

But hands down, the best vacation I've been on was when I went to Puerto Rico with my best friend Allis.  If you want to read all to gory details you can check out the links (here, here and here), but if you don't you can just check out the pictures below!


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  1. wow, those pictures are stunning! i want to go to Puerto Rico!

  2. Puerto Rico looks amazing! I love those bluffs!

  3. wow this is gorgeous!! i would love to go to puerto rico!

  4. Myla,
    Perseverance ... Mom always told if we have a rough day at a show things are ok as long as we didn't beat ourselves. If we did beat ourselves we had a lot of work to do.

    Congrats to you and Louie on the ROM award. The new outfit looks beautiful on you!

  5. Holy cow that is a gorgeous horse (and LADY!). And he's HUGE how tall is he?!

  6. Gorgeous Paint! We show Quarter Horses (Cutting) but my dad always wanted a Paint that was trained for Cutting :). So cool you've been to Puerto Rico, so want to go there someday!