Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Happy Happy #blogtober14

There are many things in the this world that makes me as "Happy, Happy, Happy" as Duck Commander patriarch Phil Robertson...

Black Lab
 Sweet potatoes
Disney California Adventure
Brownies and ice cream
Adult beverages
Playing Catchphrase
Costume parties
Christmas Party
 Making lists
Dairy Queen
Hanging out with pals 
 Decorating for the holidays
Mexican food and margaritas
Mexican food

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  1. making lists!! me too :) and pinterest!

  2. Great happy pics and I loooooove that you quoted Phil lol Making lists is definitely a happy hobby!!!

  3. I love margaritas! I had one at lunch today, it was peach & delicious! Oh my goodness look at that cute puppy face, I could squeeze her head. I like taking vacations too, how much fun! I think our next is going to be Maine. I hope your having a great day!

  4. Love your list! Especially the margaritas.. although I have to say I'm more of a wine girl ;)

  5. Hey Myla,
    It's always fun to think about what makes us Happy Happy Happy! You and your list are so full of energy. It's important to know what we need to make life full and bring us peace. We are blessed in so many ways.