Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Foolishness #blogtober14

I have a pretty high tolerance for which I can embarrass myself for the sake of a good laugh!  For whatever reason... Matt is most embarrassed by my shenanigans! 

This face always get's a head shake and eye roll from Matt.  You can feel sorry for him, it's cool!

Someone is not impressed with their hat.  And it's not me!
I'll do just about anything to embarrass Maggie.  Even steal kisses.
I mean it's a Dale Earnhardt car.  It's a given.
Another classic.  Just look at poor Matt!  Ha!
Surely, I'm not the only spouse who does ornery things just to poke the one they love?

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  1. Oh man. This makes me laugh a lot. My husband can get pretty embarrassed because of me, too! I'm seriously giggling at the last photo.

  2. These are fabulous pics! Love that you're the girl that can always make people laugh!

  3. Ha! Love these pictures! Even with the face you are just too cute! xoxo

  4. I love all of these! And that face in the first photo?? Yeah, we could totally be friends! (P.S. I mentioned you in my blog post today :)

  5. hehe... that's great. I have a picture of me at a Sigma Alpha (sorority) get together trying to smell my foot and the look on everyone's face is priceless. It was their idea though :)