Thursday, October 30, 2014

Facts About Me #blogtober14

Hmm, what's a blog without sharing some personal details about yourself, right?

Isn't what keeps you coming back post after post is that you relate to someone you've never meet through cooking or maybe a mutual connection (for me this is farming, the Midwest, agriculture or horses)? 

Any time I write a post that describes me I'll tag it 'farmer's daughter' which doesn't exactly tell you everything you need to know about me, but I hope it gives you a good idea!  I want it to convey that I'm intensely proud of my farm background.  And also that I'm a daddy's girl!

But there's more...

I'm a crafter, but I'm quite terrible at posting tutorials online here.  I get wrapped up in the making and forget to stop along the way to take pictures.  For instance, I had the best of intentions post a step-by-step how to for my FALL lalalala sign that's decorating my porch.  These are the pics I have on my phone:

Step 1: Stain your unfinished wood.
Step... Well, damn that didn't go as planned!
Purple is my favorite color.  Shocking, right?

For me, it's a toss-up between a good margarita (i.e. lots of tequila) and a glass of wine (read... not sweet).

I once accidentally flushed a pair of sunglasses. Then there was the time I broke my orthodontic retainer by slamming it in the car door...

More often than I'd like to admit, I accidentally put my underroos on inside out and don't realize it until much later in the day.

I really want another dog.  Matt isn't convinced.  I'd prefer a corgi, aussie or another lab, but I'm also open to any Heinz 57 variety that I may come across at a shelter!

I love the character dynamic on Criminal Minds, but the show's content usually has me hiding under a blanket with my hands over my ears!

Any party where I can wear a costume is a good party in my book! 

I hate bugs that jump.

One of the greatest summers of my life was spent at the Victory Junction Gang Camp in North Carolina, where I was a counselor in the horse barn.  VJGC is designed to let kids with chronic and terminal illnesses just be 'regular kids' even if it's just for one week during the summer.

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  1. Myla,
    I think the "get to know you better" posts are fun.

    I try to take picts of the steps of my projects. It works good when I'm painting b/c it helps me be patient enough to let the paint dry.

    I'm a purple girl too.

    I have a tendency to put my shirt on backwards and have been seen doing chores with my snow pants on the wrong way. A head shaking laughing husband makes me think to check my clothing.

    Oh the 2nd dog idea. I want one too, a Frenchie. J says NO MORE house dogs ever. I'm lucky to have Molly and hope she lives forever.

    What are you dressing up as this weekend?

    1. Hi Robyn!! They are fun, but I struggle with coming up with new things to share... :) Oh, Frenchies are adorable!! Our dogs are definitely more inside vs. outside, Bella has actually never spent any real length of time in her outside kennel. I can't spill the beans about my costume until tomorrow... Hopefully it shows up in my mailbox today!

  2. Oh how awesome would it be to go to that camp to be a counselor! I like the sign, my favorite color is also purple :), and I too am a Farmer's daughter. btw, did I mention I like the sign :).

  3. I love "about me" posts! I'm with you on Criminal Minds - one of my favorite shows but I can't watch it at night before I go to bed or else I won't sleep!

  4. This is a great list! Margaritas are my other drink beats tequila!