Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Winner, Winner. #blogtober14

Holy smokes, y'all it's October?!?!  Do you gals remember when we were little and time seemed to move at a snails pace?  When summer seemed to stretch on and on?  Now each day just cruises by in a flash! 

This month I'm going to do my best to participate in Helene and Taylor's #blogtober14 link-up and today's prompt is: If You Won The Lottery You'd...

Oddly enough this is something that Matt and I talk dream about, but honestly who doesn't?!  If I won the lottery (and it would be the mega-millions, thank you very much!) the first thing I would do would be something for my parents. 

Candidate for Daughter of the Year, right here!

But seriously, I'd pay off some bills and send them on a very belated honeymoon!  They were married in January of 1982 and had to postpone their wedding twice because of horrible winter weather.  Their wedding cake was made, froze, thawed, froze again and finally when the weather would cooperate thawed again!  A few of their wedding guests actually rode their snowmobiles to the ceremony, can you imagine?!?

After doing something nice for Mom and Dad, I'd pay off my student loan, our mortgage and put money into our retirement account...right after we got home from our amazing trip to Greece and the Mediterranean. 

Oh, and after that shopping spree! 

How about you?  How would you spend your millions?


  1. Oh man. #1 would be paying off debt. We don't have much, but--STUDENT LOANS--bleh.
    Then I'd also do something nice for my family...
    THEN, we'd buy a house, and smartly invest the rest.

  2. Love this! I think my parents would be at the forefront as well just bc of how much they've done for me! Hoping you win by the way! ;) ;)

  3. Girlfriend, that is so awesome that some people rode snowmobiles to their wedding!! Do they have any photos?

  4. Agree with you on all of the above! Enhacing your current life :)

  5. I can't believe that their cake had to frozen. That is nuts!